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Gunslinger Mastiffs Presents:

Celestial Devil's Medicine


date of birth: 12/7/99

Daisyenjoying her Birthday Toy for her 11th Birthday in December 2010!!!!

Daisy is the Matriarch of the family - our Grand-mama, and is a 1st cousin - once removed, to Wyatt. This means that Daisy is a full sister to Wyatt's Grandmother. Daisy is a very sweet girl, but somewhat protective of her family and property. When we entertain large gatherings/parties, she sulks, as if to say, "How do you expect me to protect you from all these people!!!!"

Unfortunately, we had to spay Daisy at around 2 years of age due to Pyo. As you can see, she is a beautiful girl, with a very typey Old English-type head, as well as the Old English-type body - short and squat, with a deep muscular chest.

Daisy can often be found loving and licking the other dogs in the house, as well as terrorizing our indoor and barn cats.

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